The Peaks // Day 2

Our first morning at the hut was greeted with perfect weather. The sun had broken through the clouds and a warm breeze made it possible to enjoy our breakfast outside. The English countryside was the perfect backdrop to laze around in our pyjamas and I finally had some free time to start reading my new book. After a couple of hours we threw on some comfy clothes and ventured into the countryside to explore the reservoir only ten minutes down the road. Having little to do was a breath of fresh air as at home both me and Sam are often bogged down with work or exams, so much that having time to take a walk is a rarity. Although we already live in the countryside, it’s easy to become used to and often take advantage of the quiet and relaxing sense of peace that accompanies remote areas.
It was refreshing to explore a new wilderness and we soon found entertainment amongst the rolling hills; a gorgeous outdoor pool that overlooked the peak district perfectly, allowing us to take a dip whilst enjoying the view.

Thanks for reading guys,
Ailish xo

Here are a few of the images from our little adventure into the wild-





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