The Peaks: Bakewell

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Day 3 of our holiday took us to Bakewell- ‘the ancient capital of the peak’ and an adorable little market town for us to explore. We set off on our adventure armed with our cameras and little more, thankfully we weren’t in the car for too long and soon we found ourselves driving alongside the River Wye that lead us straight into Bakewell’s town centre. The streets were lined with fine buildings, practically dripping with history and a sense of heritage.

It wasn’t too long before we stumbled upon an old Georgian sweet shop, and me – being a massive sweet tooth- just had to pop in. The walls were stacked from top to bottom with an abundance of cavity inducing pleasure, but there was only one thing I had on my mind; fudge. If you ever find yourself  in Bakewell I fully recommend you find this sweet shop and divulge yourself in their butterscotch fudge as it was quite possibly the most beautiful fudge I have ever had the pleasure of munching on.

We wandered the streets, lapping up the sun that had managed to break through the thick grey clouds that had hung above our heads for the majority of the morning, taking pictures as we went. There were bakeries round every corner, each serving the famous Bakewell Pudding and the market was bustling with both locals and the occasional tourist. After a good few hours of exploring we made our way back to the car, feeling full from our lunch at one of the cafe’s, and headed back to the hut to wind down and relax.

Thanks for reading,

Ailish xo


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