A Journey into the Peaks

For the final full day of our holiday Sam and I wanted to venture further into the Peak District to find a quiet picturesque spot for us to enjoy a picnic. We had originally planned to drive to a natural lake open to the public for swimming but after the sat nav took us 3 hours in the wrong direction (don’t trust technology kids), we settled for a gorgeous spot with a backdrop of rolling hills and blue lakes. After we parked the car we walked for ten minutes down a dusty road lined with thick forest and emerged at the IMG_8720bottom of a hill,
greeted by a stunning view of the local reservoir. The sunlight was bouncing off the blue waters of the reservoir which sparkled as it danced on its stage of green hills. Because the sun had finally managed to break through the clouds for longer than an hour we seized the opportunity to soak up some rays while enjoying our picnic. We soon headed higher up the hills to find the perfect spot for some pictures for the blog. Let me tell you, we found it. We stood amongst ruins of an old building that looked over the reservoir, the view went on for miles and there was not a modern building or tower block in sight- *deep sigh*– yes…







For my outfit I really wanted to show off my brand new dress from Novem & Knight– a clothing company founded by the gorgeous couple Sammi and Jason. There isn’t much point going into detail about the pair as they are already incredibly well known in the blogging and vlogging world, and rightfully so, but I do think it is necessary for me to rave about my dress because it is perfect. For a brand new clothing company the quality is stunning and the dress feels so amazing and weightless on. Knowing that all it’s products are manufactured in London only adds to my enthusiasm for the brand. The dress is simple enough for me to add my own personal style to it (although I kept it pretty basic on this occasion) and yet it still provides a staple piece that makes a statement. I encourage each and everyone one of you, men and women, to take a look at their website (which is stunning I might add) and pop a couple of treats in your basket.

Thanks for reading guys,

Ailish xo






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