Pay day is a good day (of course everyone knows this, but for a girl with a slight spending addiction, no-one knows it more than me).

I am no stranger to waking up on pay day, whizzing into the city centre and spending as much of my disposable (and sometimes non disposable) income as humanly possible and Augusts pay day was no different. Me and Sam took a trip into York so he could treat me to lunch at our favourite spot to eat – The Star in the City– tucked away in the corner of the museum gardens, overlooking the river and passers-by. Unfortunately the fancy setting of the restaurant got me in a spending mood and as soon as we had finished stuffing ourselves with gorgeous grub I dragged Sam straight to Lush where I had been eyeing up some treats for a few weeks now.

I feel like Lush has been a big hit in the ‘bloggersphere’ for a while and there have been many other people online who have raved about it’s products, cruelty to animal free mantra and general ethos. I feel I should point out however that although I have bought products or received gifts from Lush before I have never been totally obsessed and have often opted for a cheap face mask or moisturiser from Boots instead (yikes). But, my uneducated and naive days are over and I have finally succumbed to the wonders of Lush and it’s overpoweringly scented stores- and let me tell you- I have found heaven. Lush has this incredibly endearing and encouraging style about them that makes you feel happy to spend just that little bit extra on a product that is good for you and the environment. They push to end the ruthless reign of testing on animals and encourage recycling and charity work. The witty comedy used in naming and describing their products is also something I adore and adds a little something extra to your purchase.

I was pleasantly surprised by the workers in the Lush store at York, they were all amazingly welcoming (and not in that pushy, commission hungry, snobby worker way) and were more than happy to let me shop on my own and answer my questions when I needed help. I was a very happy customer and came out giddy like a kid at christmas.

I shall stop rambling about my, probably, unhealthy obsession with the store and let you in on what I bought. I didn’t go crazy as I had my trusty sidekick (Sam) to stop me from spending all my wage in one store, but, I did manage to snatch up some of the things I have been desperately wanting to try.

Toothy Tabs - Sparkle
Toothy Tabs – Sparkle

I read about this product in Lush’s summer book that I picked up in store. If you haven’t heard of these yet they are frickin awesome! They are tiny mint shaped toothpastes that foam up when you crumble them in your mouth. I bought ‘sparkle’ but there are a variety of boxes you can buy, each made with different ingredients. Although I have only used this product a few times I am pretty happy with the results so far; the actual process can take quite a while to get used to as it IMG_6508is very different to brushing with ordinary toothpaste but my teeth feel so smooth and clean afterwards it’s all worth it. The black peppercorn in the tabs did make my tongue and lips tingle quite a lot and the first time I used them I did start to imagine myself waking up with lips that could put Kylie Jenner to shame. Fortunately I only woke up with teeth as clean as the night before- no seriously, my teeth felt amazing! As for whitening, I don’t think I have been using them long enough to see (or not see) an effect but I will definitely keep you guys posted.

Catastrophe Cosmetic
Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask

Sam actually picked this mask out for me and I bought a small tub for a mini pampering session while we both finished watching Breaking Bad that night- I even convinced Sam to try it out as wIMG_6526ell. I absolutely love the scent of this mask because it has a hint of parma violets which is so
refreshing compared to the unnatural chemical smell you find with most packet face masks.I
can’t be the only one who finds applying face masks unbelievably addictive? This one applies to the face like a dream and my skin immediately felt the cooling and calming effect of the blue chamomile. The antioxidant vitamins in the blueberries are perfect for damaged or problematic skin but the calamine powder keeps the mask gentle for people with skin more on the sensitive side- an all round winner.

Dream Steam Tabs

These tabs are a brilliant addition to my weekly steaming ritual; they are filled with rose for soothing and calming the skin as well as a load of other essential oils and antibacterial properties packing it full of everything tired/neglected skin might need. You drop the tabs in a bowl of hot water, the steam opens up your pores and allows all the goodies in the tab to be absorbed into your skin. The actually process of sticking my head over a bowl of steaming hot water felt no different to usual and the smell could have been better which made me a little hesitant about the product. However, once again, Lush did not disappoint- after the water had cooled I dipped in a cotton pad and gently wiped my face. The water felt incredible on my skin and left it feeling supple and full of moisture. Whats better is that the water left over can be used as a toner for up to a week! Put the water into a spray bottle and keep it refrigerated, using when ever you need a quick spritz- top notch Lush.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

People have raved about this since it came out and as a lover of bath bombs I was dying to try it. Thankfully the heavens answered my prayers and a lot of the items that were exclusive to the IMG_6498Oxford Street store had been released to the other stores around the country. I headed straight for this bath bomb as soon as I stepped foot into the store. Although the smell was not as
alluring as some of the other bath bombs, the promise of bathing in space was all I needed to secure my purchase. This bath bomb explodes into the water, leaving it sparkling blue like a galaxy- it lives up to it’s name I assure you. (Unfortunately I was unable to get any pictures of the water after the bath bomb had been dropped in but I will hopefully be putting some up on my Instagram soon if you guys are eager to see what it does)

Wow, this post quickly turned from a small haul into a full on essay about Lush, if you managed to read it all then well done!

Anyway, thanks for reading guys,

Ailish xo

Quick disclaimer, these are all my own opinions and in no way are Lush paying me to promote their product (I wish). All pictures were taken my fabulous boyfriend, Sam.


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