Autumn Vibes

Autumn is by far my most favourite season. The crisp orange leaves that blanket the streets, the nippy air and naked trees, the excuse to bundle up in cosy blankets on Sunday mornings with a cup of tea, listening to the patter of rain on the window; it all makes for a beautiful backdrop to some gorgeous trends. I am a sucker for Autumn fashion, so much so that as soon as the leaves begin falling I start planning my outfits- thick thigh high socks, tall boots, hats, burnt oranges and dark reds, I’ll take them all. But, as with anything I wear I like to keep my own personal touch within the look and this one is no different.

Zoe Benson – Portrayed by Taissa Farmiga

We’ve all seen American Horror Story right? (If you haven’t then you’re missing out- believe me). The third anthology in the series, ‘Coven’, is based around a coven of witches within the modern day (I know this seems like I’ve gone off on some strange tangent but stay with me…). Some of the outfit choices during this season are most definitely on point. Black is best in this series and that statement could not be more true to my wardrobe as well. Some may call me a dull dresser, wearing mostly black, white or grey but, being a minimalist at heart, who can blame me? Zoe, one of the many protagonists in the series, was my inspiration for this look as I think her style incorporates everything an autumnal outfit embodies. I mean who doesn’t need witchy attire for the eeriest season?

For the base of this ensemble I slipped on my black midi skirt- this not only kept my legs covered in the cold but added a sense of drama to the look. To contrast the full body of the skirt and keep the outfit from looking too frumpy I paired it with a tighter top and a black belt around my waist. The thick black and white stripes in the top also helped to break up the mass of dark swinging around my legs. I chose a black belt to match the skirt in order to elongate my somewhat vertically challenged body- a different coloured belt, such as brown,  would have cut my waist off at a strange place and made me look smaller.

top – H&M | skirt – primark | belt – primark | dr martens – ‘1461’ cherry red

The UK is still marginally warm around this time of year and so instead of wearing all black tights
I decided to brave a fish net underneath the skirt instead. With an all (or majority) black outfit it’s important to incorporate different materials and fabrics into the ensemble to stop it looking, ‘samey’, shall we say. By wearing the fishnets it broke the look up and added some of my own personal style into the outfit. If you’re in a colder climate you could add thicker tights, or if you live somewhere warmer go bare legged. Personally I adore a fish net look, it’s edgy, different and straight out of the 80’s. Never be afraid to style your outfits with trends that are a little scary or offbeat, if you think you look great then you probably do, and  you never know,  you could be influencing next years runways. The look needed a dash of colour, but not something too much to take away from the statement of the skirt. So I returned to my trusty Dr Martens. The cherry red was the perfect colour to contrast the blacks and whites, whilst remaining understated, and the ankle cut off at just the right place to show the best amount of leg to avoid me looking too short. For accessories I used my gorgeous new tassel bag, big enough for my essentials, small enough to prevent me from hauling around my house- I’m sure many of us are guilty of this right? I threw on my oversized black hat as tribute to the fashions of American Horror Story, and took my usual circular sunglasses for good measure.

bag – H&M

I was desperate to try out a new makeup look to go with this outfit and with the season. I packed a shimmery brown eyeshadow with hints of gold all over my lid and using a matt black, lightly defined the outer crease of my eyelid to create depth. I lined the lid with a black liquid liner and my waterline with a pencil liner to add some definition. To balance the lids I smoked some of the black eyeshadow on my bottom eyelid and finished with mascara. Bold lip colours are one of the biggest make up trends of 2015 and no bold lip could be more suited to Autumn than a dark red or berry. For this look I opted for a slight mixture of the two, I lined my lips with a very dark berry colour and topped it off  with a similar colour but with a red undertones.  When wearing subtle eye makeup and a minimalist outfit it’s very easy to get away with wearing pretty much any lip colour, so go wild and experiment with colours that make you feel fab.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this post as I actually had a lot of fun posing for and writing it! Autumn is by far my favourite season and I can’t wait to put together some more looks. Also huge props to Sam for waking up ridiculously early and venturing out into the cold with me to take these pictures.

Thanks for reading,

Ailish xo





6 thoughts on “Autumn Vibes

  1. It’s all about AHS Coven when it comes to winter outfit goals 🙌🏻 these pictures are amazing, love the styling and location. So nice to see something different for an outfit post!
    Christy x


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