The 1st

The shots for this post were taken on the 1st of January and so naturally I was feeling a little vulnerable after a few (or a lot of) drinks the night before. But hey, who said you can’t look great with your head over the toilet? I woke up New Years day needing an outfit that was comfy and loose, my pj’s apparently weren’t acceptable to go out in and so I was forced to come up with a more appropriate solution. I threw on my ridiculously comfy pinstripe trousers from UO.
For a staple piece in your wardrobe the price could be worse but I’m sure there are a lot of great alternatives out there for smaller budgets. I paired the trousers with a striped t-shirt I recently bagged in the topshop sale. It actually comes from their maternity range which is perfect for days where I need something easy but stylish (or is it just to hide my christmas food baby?).

Even though I combined two striped pieces they compliment each other really well because of the contrasting blue and white, as well as the difference in the stripes. People usually go screaming for the hills when it comes to matching prints, but if you get it right it can transform an outfit from drab to fab. Usually I am guilty of sticking to a predictable monochrome look but mixing things up with prints and colours can add a lot of personality to an outfit.
Naturally I don’t have enough height to stop these trousers from drowning me and so I added some with my brown boots. The heel is big enough to give me some height without being too uncomfortable to walk in. Lamoda have an amazing sale on at the minute, so much so that I managed to snag myself 4 pairs of shoes and a fabulous bag all for under £60. Some of their shoes and accessories are gorgeous so if you’re looking to buy something new without breaking the bank then I highly suggest you go check them out. No this is not an ad, I’m just a shoe addict and super freaked about their sale.
To add a different texture and some depth to the look I threw on my leather jacket, not only did this give the outfit a bit of life but it was also freezing outside.
I hope you’ve all had a fabulous Christmas and an equally fabulous New Year. I couldn’t be happier that 2015 is over and I can really focus on improving the blog over the new year. I’ve definitely let my blogging slip over the past few months but I’ve decided nows the time to pick myself up and find some motivation. Keep your eyes peeled because I’ll posting a lot more regularly now, fingers crossed.
 See ya’
Ailish xo



t-shirt – topshop / trousers – urban outfitters / shoes – lamoda / coat – topshop / bag – h&m


rings – pandora & bloody mary metal




10 thoughts on “The 1st

  1. you still look amazing (regardless of the drinks)! 🙂 love your shoes ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. Love this look! Laid back and (as much as I try not to use this word…) “chic!” ❤


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