Drugstore Vs. Designer // Foundation Review

Discovering the perfect foundation is probably one of the most unrealistic goals anyone can set themselves. For me, the biggest problem is the price. Experimenting to find your perfect product is difficult when some of the most raved about foundations are way above your budget. There is nothing worse than paying a lot of money for something that really isn’t right for you and so I usually stick to the cheap and cheerful foundations from the drugstore brands. It wasn’t until recently, when I had some spare cash, that I delved into the world of designer make up and bought the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. After trying it out a few times I decided to properly test 3 very different foundations and pit them against each other to see whether price really does equal quality when it comes to makeup.


I’ll start with the Maybelline Fit Me foundation which I have been using repeatedly for a good couple of years now. As far as foundations go I would give this one an average rating. The colour range has been heavily criticised before but for me (although it looks far too orange for me) it has always blended really well with my own skin tone which is exactly what it’s supposed to do. Its ‘lightweight pigments allow your skin’s natural highs and lows to show through’ so it appears natural on the skin when the right amount is applied. The coverage is buildable to a certain extent but too much can begin to give you the dreaded ‘cake face’ and so I probably would avoid going crazy with this one. A few people have claimed that this foundation makes them break out quite badly, although I’ve never had this problem you might want to take it into consideration if you have particularly problematic skin. It comes with a pump so it’s easy to get the right amount on the back of your hand or foundation brush, and this also means you don’t have to worry about contaminating the foundation with the bacteria from your brushes. Overall, for £8 you’re getting what you pay for, it’s not the worse foundation out there but it definitely has it’s kinks!


Compared to the price of the Maybelline, the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is so expensive but the reviews were so good I thought it was a no brainer. This foundation has been raved about everywhere, particularly amongst the blogging community but, surprisingly, I was really disappointed. To begin with I loved it, it lasted so long, made my skin look amazing and the packaging was so pretty compared to the drugstore brands, but soon I realised I was forcing myself to like it more than I did in order to justify paying so much for it. Don’t get me wrong the durability of this foundation is unbelievable, whether you’re doing exercise, going on a night out or just hanging around the house. The down side to this however, is that it makes it almost impossible to blend properly. It dries to the skin really quickly so I have to rush to blend it in before it becomes an immovable splodge on my cheek. Another result of this is it can really dry the skin out, especially using it in the colder months. I usually have to apply a lot of moisturiser before attempting to wear it. If you have really oily skin then this foundation would probably work amazing for you, particularly if you want to go for a matte finish but for anyone with dry or even combination skin I would definitely advise you avoid this one. £30 for foundation is not  cheap, especially when the product isn’t as good as you’d hoped. I’ll give it another go in the summer to see if it sits on my skin any better but I definitely won’t be breaking the bank for it again.


I only recently bought the number No. 7 Airbrush Away foundation after my sister recommended it. I seriously believe that No. 7 is the underdog of makeup brands and can’t understand why they’re not raved about more. This foundation is undeniably my new favourite for so many reasons. The first is that the colour matches my skin tone almost perfectly. No. 7 have a foundation match made service where they can find out which shade will suit you best- they offer such a wide range of shades as well which I know a lot of brands aren’t that great at. Applying this foundation is the best part of my makeup routine, it glides like silk over the skin and feels amazingly lightweight once it’s on (a nice change from my other two foundations). A couple of drops go along way with this formula and if you find you need to build up the coverage a little you can do so without worry that your skin will start feeling greasy or heavy. One of the best things about this foundation is the price, as it’s only £16. Some people might begrudge paying over £10 for foundation but compared to the sky high prices of other brands that are definitely not as good I don’t mind paying a little bit extra.  My only issue with this product is the dropper you use to get foundation out of the bottle. I’m pretty useless and can’t used it to save my life but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it one day.IMG_9303

It’s one mammoth of a review but if even one of you found it a little bit helpful then I’m happy. You don’t necessarily have to spend a bucket load in order to get an amazing product but if you still haven’t found your perfect foundation then I would advise you to shop about- try brands you would usually never look twice at because they could surprise you! There are so many foundations out there that work well in different environments and for different occasions so at the end of the day where’s the harm in owning 7?

Thanks for reading,

Ailish xo

*disclaimer, all these opinions are my own and represent my own experiences with the products mentioned, everyones skin is different so something that doesn’t work well for me could be perfect for someone else*


4 thoughts on “Drugstore Vs. Designer // Foundation Review

    1. I think it really depends on your skin type, I know a lot of people who absolutely love the foundation but my skin can get really dry in winter so it just doesn’t agree with me. It was so disappointing because I wanted to like it so much! Don’t let me put you off if you were really wanting to buy it- I’d just definitely recommend to test it first especially for the price you’re paying xo


  1. Hello Ailish — I guess one way to make that slightly-too-dry foundation stretch into the winter/drier seasons would be to add a drop or two of your favorite facial serum (my HG and current one is the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair) to your foundation and mixing it nicely prior to application. It makes the foundation a little more hydrating and less greasy than adding a pump of lotion to it, as some ladies have done so to make it, well, more moisturizing and like a tinted moisturizer.

    Having said that, my all-time fave drugstore foundation is the Revlon Colorstay in both formulations (Normal/Dry & Combination/Oily) as the shade is spot on for my skintone and I can choose the formulation and play with the hydration levels as noted above, according to the season and my skin’s condition.

    Thanks for sharing, Sunshine! Great post ❤️


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