Social Media

This is just a tiny little post dedicated to shamelessly plugging all my social media. I’m always active on Instagram and tumblr posting my cares away. Feel free to follow me on both to keep up to date with my blogposts and little snippets of my personal life. You guys know how nosey I am so I absolutely love looking at other people’s feeds! In this community it’s so important to interact with others so people know you’re out there, so don’t be afraid to post comments or share pages. It’s such an easy way to let me know what sort of content you want to see on the blog so I’m never stuck at my laptop, having no clue what to write about.

Instagram – graceailishxo (there’s a link to my Instagram feed on the right hand side of my blog as well)

Tumblr – (I’ve only just expanded my blog to tumblr and so am in desperate need of some blogs to follow)

Hope you guys will check these out and give them a follow, thanks for reading,

Ailish xo


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