Favourites | Christmas Edition


Along with my new years resolution to be more active on the blog I’ve decided to add a few regular features alongside my usual posts. My favourites are where I’ll be talking about my recent favourites, whether they’re things I’ve purchased myself, places I’ve been, new collections or products I’m desperate to try. My aim with this is to try and create a space on my blog to discuss things people love, hate or are just plain curious about. So with Christmas now over and done with I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about some of the presents I have been so lucky to receive this year.

I’ve raved about YSL Black Opium EDP before in my ‘Getting a Little Personal‘ post and I was so fortunate to receive some for Christmas as I was just about to run out. This scent is by far the nicest I have come across and is definitely my go to fragrance. It’s like a split personality perfume, the hint of black coffee keeps the scent dark and seductive while the vanilla adds a sweet and flirty edge; the perfect fragrance for a night out.

Within the gift set was a regular bottle and a YSL eyeliner but what I really wanted to talk about was this smaller 10ml travel size vial. For a student in a city known for it’s night life, this is absolutely perfect. Taking perfume on a night out is always a risk, it could get lost, stolen or even break so often I avoid doing this completely and leave it at home. Unless you’re using a backpack they’re always difficult to squeeze into a clutch, especially with the 101 other things you take but never use. This smaller alternative is a great size to slip into your bag or purse and even comes with a protective case for that added peace of mind.


Sometimes, as everyone does, I get very highly strung and stressed out. Whether its about uni, work or just normal stuff that can piss people off I am definitely one to have an emotional breakdown over burning my toast. I have never really had an effective way to vent my frustrations which often means I take them out on people around me, mainly Sam. So to give me a helping hand he bought me some gorgeous detailed colouring books for me to use whenever I need to take some time for myself (obviously my favourite one had to be the one with cats). The amount of detail in the drawings is spectacular but that only means that the books will last a lifetime. These are so great for anyone who loves to be creative but could also do with something to help them escape stressful situations that can sometimes be too much. Adult colouring books are everywhere at the minute and there is such an amazing range to choose from; Christmas themes, Harry Potter and there are even ones specially made to relieve stress. You can find them pretty much anywhere, online or in book stores like WHSmith and Waterstones so if you’re ever interested in in buying one (or five) they aren’t too hard to get your hands on.



This recent love is both an item and a company combined. Bloody Mary Metal is a jewellery company founded in Cornwall by kick ass business woman, Lucy ‘Tomatoes’. I love the aesthetic and attitude of this brand as well as pretty much every collection they have ever released. All their jewellery is handcrafted using the best quality materials so you definitely get you moneys worth. I was super lucky to receive the silver drusy crown ring in midnight and it is my favourite piece of jewellery in my collection. The stone is a lot smaller in person than it looked on the website but this is balanced out perfectly by the statement sparkle of the chipped volcanic glass. The packaging it arrived in was almost as nice as the ring itself and adds that extra bit of glamour to the purchase. You can really see the time and effort that the company puts into every aspect of their work which is so refreshing and makes you feel like part of the BMM family. If you like unique jewellery with a lot personality then I definitely encourage you to go check their website out.




To end I wanna finish with a couple of presents that I’ve not really used yet but I am so excited to try. I’ve always been curious about urban decay products as they get so many good reviews and are completely cruelty free; but I’ve always thought to myself, can makeup be that good and is it worth risking the price to find out that it can’t? Sam, knowing how much I wanted to test their

Naked palettes and that I love to rock a smokey eye, killed two birds with one stone and bought me the new Naked Smokey palette and the original primer potion. As I said before I haven’t used them enough to give a helpful review but from what I’ve seen so far the colours look gorgeous. There is a nice mix of shades, from totally matte to some with no shortage of sparkle and I am so excited to experiment and create some new looks. This could be the start of a new love affair. If any of you have the palette and have already discovered some great combinations leave a comment below so I can give them a try!




I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it’s a little mish-mashed so let me know what you think of the new feature in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Ailish xo




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