Alexander McQueen AW 16-17

Unless you’ve been abstaining from social media for the past few weeks it’s been pretty impossible to miss the excitement surrounding London Fashion Week. I’ve never been one to follow the runways enthusiastically, of course I always enjoyed looking at what the designers had created, but I didn’t really start paying close attention until a couple of years ago.  One of the biggest reasons I love fashion so much is it’s fluidity, it’s ability to change so quickly and yet it never really has one true form or definition. The runways are lined with different trends each season, some that look as though they’ve stepped right out of a dream, some that you would never believe could be an outfit, but no one even bats an eyelid because it’s fashion.

For me events like LFW highlight everything I love about fashion (as well as a few things I don’t, but we can talk about that another time). So many designers all in one place showing how different everyones personal style can be, encouraging people to dress how they want, whether thats following the trends on the runways or creating your own. I mean, isn’t that what they do, create something totally unique to inspire the rest of the world? I thought I would put together a mini series of posts talking about my highlights from LFW , starting with one of my favourite collections from my favourite designer brand.



Once again Sarah Burton has managed to astound us all with her stunningly romantic AW collection for Alexander McQueen. On Sunday the 21st of February, after a 20 year long holiday in Paris, the brand finally made a return home to London, even if just for this one collection. Although some seem very disappointed with the lack of drama or theatrical display on the runway for such a nostalgic event, I don’t think they could have got it more right. The dark misted curtains that separated the runway created the perfect back drop for the dreamy outfits that were to follow. Burton herself expressed that this collection was inspired by the idea of dreams and night time and the thin line between beauty and vanity or fantasy and nightmares; a concept well delivered. The show opened with strong silhouettes and perfect tailoring, a big must have in any McQueen collection, and yet they were perfectly contrasted with feminine emblem’s, embroidered larger than life onto the statement jackets. Pink lips, butterflies and flowers were mixed with clocks, reminiscent of Dali’s surrealism, and they stood out beautifully against the aggressive leather and chains. For me this collection oozes feminism and, even if this wasn’t Burtons intention, shows perfectly that women can be feminine and girly without having to sacrifice their strength and independence.


blazerclose up

Blazer dresses have slowly and, in my opinion, unnoticeably shuffled their way to the top of the trend pile with designers like ACNE Studios and Balmain featuring them in their SS16 collections. The power of a blazer can make a girl feel ready to take on the world and those featured in the Alexander McQueen collection envelop this idea whilst adding some vulnerability also. The flash of skin and delicate lace bra peeking out from under the aggressive silhouette created the type of sex appeal only a McQueen collection could and will have left many longing for more.

The end of the show arrived with a sort of ‘fairytale climax’. It was as though the models had slowly undressed for bed and we were now witnessing dresses that could only be thought of in a dream. The gowns were dusted with twinkling jewels and they floated along the runway like clouds in a dreamscape; adorned with moons and stars the models were now dripping with elegance and delicacy. One dress was hidden with a pale pink comforter fit for a Queen, only further ingraining the concept of sleep and dreams, and although I would never usually forgive bedding on a runway, Burton has a way of making the ordain beautiful. If you see me walking the streets in my duvet, you’ll know why.


duvet dressThis post is already so long and even though I could talk about each outfit for hours I’ll end it with a few images of my favourite looks from the collection. I know this post was a little different but I thoroughly enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoyed reading it as much, let me know!

Ailish xo

leather topgothicbutterflieslongfemininecorset


Disclaimer – I do not own any of these pictures, they were taken from google or





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