Checks and Blue

I’ve wanted to style these cigarette trousers ever since I spotted them in Topshop months ago and today I finally had the chance. Sam and I both had the afternoon free and I wasn’t about to let such a rare opportunity go to waste. I booked himself and his camera in for the afternoon before he had the chance to think of doing anything else, spent the morning perfecting my makeup and then spent around an hour trudging around Leeds to try and find the perfect place to shoot the pictures. 

These trousers are probably one of the easiest things to style in my wardrobe; they go with pretty much everything, can be dressed up, dressed down and are comfy enough for almost any occasion. For this look I paired them with my polo neck and long blazer coat, keeping all the pieces black to accommodate for the pop of colour at my feet. The shoes add a flare of my own personality and prevent the ensemble from looking too monotonous, the best thing about an all black outfit is balancing it out with something quirky or bright to bring it to life. My Michael Kors clutch brought some luxury to the look, perfect for an evening out for drinks or dinner.

This is my go to outfit for an interview (minus the clutch), and a nice change from drab suits or dresses. I know that in some professions a more muted look is preferred but when you’re looking for work in a more creative environment, theres a lot more room to experiment and show off your own style. The polo still keeps it very conservative and the blazer adds a touch formality while the shoes can be swapped for some flats or a more appropriate colour.

Ailish xo

Photo 08-03-2016, 19 43 39
blazer – topshop / polo neck – h&m / trousers – topshop
bag and watch – michael kors

Photo 08-03-2016, 19 40 13


shoes – primark




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