Favourites | April Edit

April flew by and now deadlines are upon me leaving me with little time to think about anything else. However, I haven’t posted anything on the blog in over a month and so I knew I needed to write something up, even if it is something small; enter my April favourites. We’re only 4 days into May so for once I’m almost on time with this post and I am super stoked to show some of the things I’ve been loving for the past few weeks. Theres a few different things I want to talk about this month, as opposed to just make up and clothing, so enjoy…

1. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (Coconut & Pear) – Definitely a little late to the Burt’s Bees party but I’m here now and I am so so happy. First of all, this smells amazing – to the point where Sam asked what perfume I was wearing when I applied it. My lips have been so dry recently so I opted for the hydrating balm for that little extra moisture. There isn’t too much to say about this product apart from it does exactly what it’s supposed to and is definitely worth the hype. The founder, Burt, was a beekeeper and so the concept of the entire company is to help support and ‘promote honey bee health and sustainable agriculture’, which is just an added bonus of the product. There is so much more information about their projects on their website so I would definitely advise having a look if you want to find out more.



2. The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood – I bought this book almost a year ago and read it when me and Sam visited the Peaks. I adored the book first time round and was really eager to write a post on it. Unfortunately I never got round to doing so and soon it was forgotten about and ended up in the bottom of a box when I moved to uni. So, as soon as I found it a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love all over again. The story is set within a patriarchal and oppressive dystopian America. Feminist victories, such as the right to vote, freedom and sexual liberation have all been undone by a totalitarian ‘religion’ called Gilead. The story follows handmaid Offred, who’s only role in this new world is to provide high ranking and infertile couples with children, and her transition from a liberated women to an oppressed one. Being a feminist I find this book fascinating and eye opening to the fact that there are still many cultures that treat women in such a way and the way that Atwood writes is beautiful and refreshing. If you love dark and unsettling stories about dystopian worlds then I would 100% recommend you go and pick up your own.



3. Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream (Rioja Red & Fired Up) – I’ve been searching for what seems like years to find good quality liquid lipsticks without having to break the bank and I finally feel as though my search is over. I’ve never really bought any Sleek products before, apart from a couple of lip liners that left me feeling a little underwhelmed, so when I saw these lip creams its safe to say I was very pessimistic. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched some of the colours on my hand. The formula is so thick and a little definitely goes a long way. It dries fairly quick but not so fast so that you don’t have time to wipe away any mistakes which is the perfect consistency for a liquid lipstick. They don’t have many colours to offer at the moment, mainly reds and pinks but they are such a nice alternative to some of the less affordable products without sacrificing the quality. Tip – as with all liquid lipsticks these can be quite drying so I would highly recommend dousing your lips in a lip balm or moisturiser before applying, might I suggest Burt’s Bees?



4. Sunglasses – This favourite actually incorporates two things I’ve come to adore in April. First is a shop; I am a sucker for vintage stores, the concept, the atheistic and the thought of styling up and modernising a piece of clothing that was once fawned over decades prior. Chinese Laundry is a little store in York (although I think they have other stores as well across the UK) brimming with character and stunning vintage finds. They sell everything from dresses, coats, shirts and shoes, to berets, belts, pins and badges. Enter my next favourite. They have a wonderful collection of sunglasses inspired by every era, but no pair caught my eye as these ones did. They balance a hint of the 60’s with the cat eye and round frames, while still appearing fabulously futuristic with metal and cut out features. The blue lenses also help to add a little individuality and personality.


5. Songs –

  • Send Me On My Way – Rusted Route
  • Brimful of Asha (The Norman Cook Remix) – Cornershop
  • Dead and Born and Grown (Album) – The Staves
  • Riptide – Vance Joy

6. Movies and TV Series –

  • Wanderlust
  • Bobs Burgers

I hope you guys all had a fabulous April, thanks for reading,

Ailish xo

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