That 70s Look

The 70s has never been my kind of era. The 60s sure, the 20s definitely, but I never really viewed the 70s as standing out for anything. I’ve never been a huge fan of Farrah Fawcett hair and the makeup seemed either too colourful or just an extension of what was already seen in the previous decade – much like the hippie culture the 70s are so famous for. Recently however, I’ve been forced to take another look at my most dismissed decade and to be quite honest I’ve been pleasantly surprised. People aren’t always going to love every trend, and I’m still not a fan of the feather Fawcett layers, but there are elements of the 70s that I have come to adore. Most surprisingly, flares. Skinny jeans have been all the rage for what seems like centuries and although I am a sucker for the comfort and versatility of a black Topshop Joni, I am welcoming the new trends of wide legs and flared bottoms with open arms. It’s so refreshing to see a different type of trouser walking proudly into stores and I really hope they’re here to stay. My recent change of heart stemmed from a trip to the vintage store I mentioned in my last post. Amongst the cord pinafores and garish shirts I found these gorgeous black flared dungarees. Being that summer is fast approaching the thin and light weight material is perfect for when the weather gets too hot but the modest leg means there is still the choice to style them up in the colder months as well.

I paired the dungarees with a high necked sleeveless crop top (similar), taking advantage of the freak warm weather by leaving my shoulders bare. To stop the bottoms from dragging on the floor I wore my brown lace up boots from Lamoda, finishing the look with a bold lip. It was so nice to take these shots in the boiling heat and it has made me so excited to finish uni and start planning some summer posts, roll on June…














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