When it comes to reading blogs it is really easy to feel intimidated by all the fabulous and ‘put together’ outfits that bloggers write about. I often find myself feeling really crappy about my own boring and monotonous wardrobe and forget that everyone, even those with a closet full of ready to go outfits, will sometimes step out of the house feeling less than confident. We all have slouchy days where we slip on an old pair of joggers and a t-shirt that still has a stain from when you painted the living room, so why do I get so self loathing when I don’t feel like my ‘ootd’ is up to blogging standards?

The pinnacle of this realisation came the other day when I had indescribably painful muscle spasms in my neck and had to rush to the doctors to get some serious painkillers so I could stand up properly. Instead of focusing on getting into the taxi without passing out from the pain I was more concerned with me looking presentable at 11 o’clock at night. This resulted in Sam becoming annoyed with me for repeatedly asking him if I looked ok in my joggers and baggy tee. So, this post is to try and remind everyone, myself included, that we all have lives to get on with and there isn’t always time, or effort on our behalves, to perfect your look before stepping out of the house.

Here are a few shots Sam got of me and Harlequin from yesterdays walk (no, me and Sam have not bought a dog, she’s belongs to Sam’s parents *cries*) . I threw on some very old dungarees and a striped tee to stay comfortable and added my trusty superstars for good measure. Dungarees are big staple for your wardrobe as they are so so easy to style and are incredibly on trend – there are loads of varying styles and fits online which makes it simple to find something you like.

Ailish x

*As usual all pictures were taken by Sam Dennis, and a shoutout to Quin for being a fabulously behaved dog and posing so nicely for all these pictures*

outfit details







Photo 28-05-2016, 08 39 21



Photo 28-05-2016, 08 34 56.jpg

Photo 28-05-2016, 08 57 10.jpg

Photo 28-05-2016, 08 25 00



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