Fendi // 90 Years

I am beyond desperate to rave about Fendi’s 90th Anniversary celebrations, set against the backdrop of Rome’s iconic Trevi Fountain. If I’m being totally honest, Fendi always falls by the wayside for me, getting lost amongst all the many designers that I adore – but this event has without a doubt placed them firmly back onto my radar.

The show opened with Kendall Jenner, in a stunning blue embellished coat, strutting on a clear walkway that hovered only centimetres from the fountains water, which danced under the soft lighting. The white of the marble statues, who gazed down upon the show beneath them, were illuminated with blue hues that echoed mermaid lagoons; a perfect fit for the Legends and Fairy Tales collection that was so beautifully displayed on Thursday night. The clothes boasted breathtaking floral details and soft embellishments, with the most beautiful of boots matched perfectly with each look. Bella Hadid closed the show in an over the top cape, perfectly suited for a Queen such as herself, decorated with magnificent coloured details that stood out from the black body of material that swung around her frame. Paired with powder blue boots, reminiscent of the Victorian era (in my personal opinion), the look ended the show on a high.

As a lover of all things fairytale there wasn’t a chance in hell that I would not adore this event, or the collection. The location, the aesthetic and the art behind it all was breathtaking and my heart breaks at not being able to witness it in person. Urgh.

Regardless, I would like to congratulate Fendi on their 90th Anniversary and for celebrating with such a fabulous event! If you are interested in watching the video as much as I have (which is a lot) then find the link here.

Ailish x


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