Makeup Tips for Flawless Application

Now, I’m no makeup artist and I’m by no means an expert but when I first started experimenting with makeup I would have loved to have a nice little collection of tips and tricks to give me a helping hand with applying my makeup. So for today’s post I have compiled a small list of makeup tips that I’ve picked up from reading blogs, professional  MUA’s or happened upon through trial and error. Either way, I have found each tip has changed my skills for the better. However, as with everything, if something works well for you, don’t feel obliged to change because of someone else’s preference. At the end of the day, it’s your face. I have broken the tips down into categories; prep, complexion and eyes, so if there are any specific tips you’re looking for you can find them easily. Enjoy…

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Prep is the most important step before application as it creates a smooth canvas for all your products as well as ensuring your skin is protected. On top of your serums, sun screen, moisturisers etc. primer is your best friend. But don’t feel the need to stick to just one, mix and match primers to target different skin concerns. If your T-zone is oily apply a matte primer to that area of your skin and save your hydrating primer for the rest of your face.


Always colour correct before you conceal to prevent dark splodges of product appearing under your foundation. Green combats redness while peachy tones are perfect for brightening the under eye.

Lightweight and creamy concealers are perfect for brightening your under eye. Usually you can find specific under eye concealers that are specifically made to illuminate the area. You can use these types of concealers for problematic areas on the rest of your face but ensure you powder them properly otherwise they’ll simply highlight and draw attention to blemishes. Concealers with better coverage are perfect for problematic areas, but applying them under your eye will make for a cakey and heavy look.

Warm up cream and liquid products before blending. Whether on the back of your hand or directly on your face, warming up the product helps to break it down and give a natural finish. For foundation I apply it to my face with clean fingers and buff it out for a couple of minutes to warm up the product before blending with a beauty blender. For cream contour I apply the product to the back of my hand first, warm it up and then apply to the face.

Wet. Your. Beauty. Blender. I often wonder how I ever applied my foundation with a dry beauty blender *cringe*. Run it under the tap for a few seconds and then dry it off with a towel or tissue so it’s damp. This prevents product being wasted and makes your application so much easier.

Apply powder products such as blushes, contours, highlighters after you’ve set your foundation with powder. This prevents the products from skipping during application and blends them out much more naturally.

Setting sprays and hydrating mists are literally the best thing. Not only do they stop your makeup from slipping and sliding throughout the day but they are perfect at melting all your makeup together into one big blended masterpiece, preventing that dreaded over powdered look.

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Carve out your brows for a cleaner and more defined look. I mess up my brows all the time, I get they’re not supposed to look like twins, but I don’t think distant cousins is the aim either. So, if you need to clean the application up a little, reach for some concealer and a brush. This tip works particularly well for the perfecting the tails into a sharp, even finish. Just simply trace round your brows with the concealer and blend with your preferred tool. Powder to set the concealer in place.

Work on your eyeshadow before complexion. This works most when you’re going to be applying a heavy eye look using a lot of pigmented shadows that may produce fall out. If you apply eyeshadow after you already finished your complexion you’ll find yourself removing all foundation/concealer etc. to get rid of the fall out from your cheeks.

Setting your eye primer with a powder is the perfect to stop your eyeshadow getting choppy and skippy during the blending process. However, it also prevents the brighter coloured shadows from showing vibrantly. To prevent this, only powder from the brow bone down to the crease, leaving the lid bare.

Place a small piece of tape from the outer corner of you eye to the end of your brow before applying your eyeshadows. This creates a sharp winged line as opposed to a diffused smokey edge. This tip is also perfect for creating the perfect winged eyeliner.

Walking round with mascara all over your eyelids is pretty such a right of passage for makeup lovers. However, there’s nothing worse than getting a giant splodge of mascara all over your perfected cut crease. Instead of immediately trying to remove it, and in the process smudging your shadows, wait for it to dry. Finish the rest of your makeup and come back to your mishap with a spoolie or clean toothbrush, then simply brush it away. If you’ve let it dry properly it should come off in a flash.

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Hope you find some of these tips helpful, if you have any of your own feel free to leave them in the comments.

See ya’ // Ailish


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