Autumn Wishlist // Fashion Edit

As I am sat here writing this there are thick clouds shadowing the city and it’s browning trees. Yesterday, as I strolled to my 9am lecture, tea in hand, I skipped over the soggy leaves and fallen conkers. Some had managed to break free from their barbed prison but several remained trapped, waiting for some giddy child to break them free (or more likely for a drunken student to throw them across the street at some poor passer-by late on a Friday night). Overnight we have slipped away from the clutches of summers muggy heat and are free to breathe fresh air and frolic around in the long awaited rain which means that Autumn has finally arrived and it’s time to start looking towards fall fashion, my favourite. So, with the changing season, I thought it appropriate to update my wish list. As with last season I’ll have both a fashion and beauty edit so I can show you everything I’ve had my eye on for this Autumn.

ribbed flares capchloe drew shoulder bag / bardot top / socksleather skirt / grey cropped trousers / felicia bootie



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