This is Halloween

Happy Halloween! I hope you all have some fabulous plans for this evenings festivities whether that be hitting the town hard in your finest glad rags or staying in, stuffing your faces with Halloween appropriate sweets and watching as many horror films as you can fit into one night, as I am. October is my favourite month and, as usual, parting is such sweet sorrow, but I love saying bye to the month with a bang and Halloween gives me the perfect excuse to do so. I didn’t want to create a full on costume tutorial for todays post, as I’m not the best at coming up with things like that and with me posting it on Halloween, if any of you would have actually wanted to re-create it, there wouldn’t be enough time. However, there was no way I was not doing anything spooky on one of my favourite days of the year so I threw a little of bit of black and white on my face and prayed that whatever came out at the end, looked half decent enough to take some quick snaps and put together a small seasonal post! If any of you need an incredibly last minute costume, maybe it’ll inspire some of you, enjoy…

Photo 30-10-2016, 20 52 48.jpg


A skull is such an easy, and creepy halloween favourite and has been extremely popular this year with everyone and their aunt stripping off their skin for Halloween. Whether it’s sugared, glittered with falsies up to it’s brows or a scarily realistic, anatomically correct facial peel (blood included), there has been just about every take on the skull over the past few months, but I wanted to keep mine simple. Purely because I lack any of the creativity and/or skills needed to pull off such masterpieces. So if you’re trying out a Halloween look on your own for the first time, or have found that makeup isn’t your strongest suit, this is probably a great option for you. There are millions of skull images online to use as references as well as a million more tutorials to give you some inspiration. You can be as neat or as messy as you like which gives lots of room to just have fun with the application. Start with a pale base, you can use white face paint or whiten up your foundation with some moisturiser/primer, and set with powder. Then sketch a rough outline of where you want your ‘holes’ to be. You can do just the mouth, or just one eye, or your whole body if you so wish, the world is your oyster. Once you are happy with the outline, simply fill it in with your product of choice (although I would recommend eyeshadow as it’s so easy to blend out). Black is the most obvious choice, but if you want to go a little more glamorous you can add metallic golds or silvers, on the lids, teeth or nose. Use a liquid, gel or pen liner to mark small cracks on the eyes and on other parts of the skull as well.


The most daunting part of this look for me was the shading. It’s very easy to become put off by professional make up artists ability to shade shadows as though it was their only purpose in life but as I said before, this look allows a lot of room for mistakes and mishaps. If you’re looking for a very clean and sharp skeletal look, I would go round the edges of the black with a liquid liner and clean up any mistakes by going back in with your base product on a small concealer brush. I, on the other hand, much preferred a heavily shaded and more smoky feel to the look. So once I had applied the black shadow, I took a fluffy blending brush and buffed out all the edges, particularly near the cheeks and eyes. If you’re more interested in something a little more professional and skill-full, I  would highly recommend studying you’re reference picture hard, and try replicating the shading and highlighting on there for a more realistic effect. If you’re still struggling, there are a hundred and one tutorials on youtube that will definitely be able to help you better than I could.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you all have a very happy and safe Halloween! Be spooky my loves x

Photo 30-10-2016, 20 50 30.jpg


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