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November has rolled around and my favourite month is officially over. As sad as this makes me it only means we’re one month closer to Christmas and it is becoming more and more acceptable to blast out Mariah Carey with each passing day. October is my birthday month so I was kindly gifted some goodies I immediately fell in love with but, apart from a couple of beauty and style items, there hasn’t been much in the way of favourites these past few weeks. So I have a short and sweet list for you all today, enjoy //


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If any of you follow me on Instagram you will know just how much I have fallen in love with these boots. The suede differs them to my other pairs of Dr Martens, and while they’ve been an absolute bitch to break in (‘scuse my french) they are slowly becoming my comfiest pair. The huge platform makes them super heavy so walking up the hill to uni has become a little work out for me, but it adds some height onto my short ass and gives them a little bit of edge compared to some of the other plainer styles. If you wanted to stick to the more understated side, they also stock a pair in black that are as equally as beautiful. Throw these suckers onto any outfit and you’ve got yourself a statement look.


As soon as this palette was introduced I was desperate to get my hands on it and I am so lucky and thankful my mum went out and bought it for my birthday. I only have one other naked palette (Naked Smokey) and so I was excited to try out a more neutral palette to wear everyday. Each shade is brand new to UD and exclusive to the palette, each developed with a new “pigment infusion system” making them very creamy in consistency compared to other matte shades I have tried. The palette has very minimal kick up which goes to show how buttery the shades are and how easy it is to blend them out. This palette ticks every box you need for a neutrals palette; pigment, blendability, creamy texture and  it features both cool and warm tones. My absolute favourite shade however, is Extra Bitter, a stunning burnt orange thats perfect for the season.


The perfect berry lip is a necessity when autumn makes an appearance and NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream has been seeing me through this October perfectly. The shade is a lovely deep violet that screams fall. As with all of NYX’s soft mattes the smell is very sweet and applies very creamy but Transylvania is noticeably more sheer than other shades I’ve bought. It takes a few layers to build up the perfect colour so I definitely wouldn’t recommend trying to apply this if you’re short on time. It’s definitely not the best lip product you’ll find but if you’re on a budget this chap is cheap, cheerful and comes in so many shades you’re bound to find one you adore.


I get the hype, this stuff is my new best friend. You can spritz yourself before applying make up to hydrate the skin, after you’ve applied makeup to melt all your products together and give you a dewy finish or refresh your makeup throughout the day to keep a glowing complexion (perfect for the colder months). I will forever more be using this product as I refuse to believe anything could be better for such a good price. When it arrived in the post it was slightly smaller than I expected and I was worried that I’d spent £16 on a product that was only going to last a week. But, after using it every time I wear makeup, it is still going strong almost 3 months later! I am so excited to try out other Pixi products so if any of you have any suggestions let me know in the comments.


Layering is key when winter rears it’s wonderful, chilly head (particularly in the UK) but I have never really thought of layering in a style sense until recently, when fashion became much more prominent in my life. Up until then I just threw on as many jumpers, gloves and scarves as I could and walked out the door in a ball of outerwear. Now, however, after gaining inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, and everywhere else online, layering with some sort of technique seems much more achievable to me and I have been scouting the shops to find key pieces that can see me through the winter. H&M was my first point of call as they are usually the best place to find staple pieces for a reasonable price. I splurged a little (ok a lot) and bought myself a new winter wardrobe, my favourite piece being this black knitted jumper, featured in the second part of my autumn look book. It may seem like a very basic piece to be featured in a favourites but I really have been wearing the crap out of this jumper over October. It’s perfect for layering or I just wear it on it’s own because it’s super warm, without being too heavy or thick. After never really owning that many jumpers, the obsession has begun.




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