Culottes and Docs

I previously styled this culotte jumpsuit during the summer but I have been eager to try and re work it into another outfit for the winter as well. Versatility is a must for me when buying pieces of clothing or shoes, other wise I wear something once and lose it to the back of my wardrobe and never think of it again. Layering tee’s under slip dresses is all the rage at the minute so, inspired by this, I started the look with a white tee and slipped the jumpsuit over the top. I really liked the rugged vibe of this outfit, so to kick it up a notch I added my leather jacket and Dr Martens to really vamp up the ‘masculinity’. To accommodate for the chillier weather you can add a pair of tights and a thick scarf to keep you warm.


Photo 28-10-2016, 14 46 39.jpg


Photo 28-10-2016, 14 43 07.jpg


Photo 28-10-2016, 14 43 11 copy.jpg


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset



Photography – Sam Dennis @


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