Favourites / November Edit

November is done with and we’re one month closer to Christmas. It’s around this time of year I drop pretty much everything in my life to relish in the seasonal festivities and prepare for upcoming events but this hasn’t stopped me from gathering a few favourites over the month.


This candle has seen me through Autumn perfectly. The scent is heavy and musky with top notes of leather and tobacco, but the sweet orange prevents it from being too much. While I hate putting products down to masculine or feminine, this would definitely be described as more ‘manly’ with it’s sandalwood base notes and deep, musk scent. The apothecary style jar ties everything together perfectly, giving the candle the industrial vibe I live for.


Winter is pretty much here and so of course the freezing weather has followed. If any of you follow me on Instagram or read my last blogpost you will know just how much I’ve cherished this hat in the cold over the past few weeks. I have never been a huge fan of H&M but it has been perfect for stocking up on basics for the winter, this hat included. If you’re looking for essentials on a budget they’re the bee’s knee’s. Theres not too much you can say about a hat; it keeps my head warm whilst remaining on trend and for £7.99  it was an absolute bargain.


Photo 27-11-2016, 14 16 41.jpg

P&Co are one of mine and Sam’s favourite brands, as shown in my post a while back. Originally focused on male clothing they have expanded to female silhouettes and accessories including these amazing new pins. The brand put a lot of work into designing developing their products and their aesthetic is to die for. These pins are perfect for adding personality to otherwise plain items, such as denim jackets or backpacks and they have a small but amazing collection for you to choose from – a Wednesday Addams one included which I most definitely have my eye on.


I pay a visit to the NYX counter pretty much every time I’m in Boots and I almost always come out with some sort of lip product – usually a soft matte lip cream but this month I was eager to give the Lingerie line a try. After trying the NYX liquid suede and finding it particularly drying on my lips, I was sceptical as to how different the formula could be for Lingerie but I was pleasantly surprised. The formula is incredibly smooth and velvety and applies with a lot more precision than the liquid or the soft matte’s but that could be due to the longer, thinner applicator. Liquid lipsticks are made to stay put, which this one definitely does, so it’s natural for them to have a slight drying effect. However, in comparison to many of the other liquid lipsticks I have tried, this one is up there as one of the best.


Photo 27-11-2016, 14 19 32.jpg

This mask has been a saviour to my skin in the cold weather this month. It’s cool and refreshing during the application and only requires ten minutes of your time before you’re recommended to wash it off; perfect if you need a quick spa session in your bathroom. While washing it off the mask gently exfoliates, removing any left over makeup or oil from the day without drying your skin out. After using it my face is guaranteed to feel softer and more supple, and after frequent uses, my overall skin tone has definitely improved. If you’re looking for a mask that is gentle enough for sensitive skin and has a range of benefits, as opposed to some of the more problem specific masks you can buy, I would highly recommend this one.


This is my new go to foundation. I’ve been on the hunt for a new one since my No.7 Airbrush Away has begun to sit on my skin a little differently to how it use to (please tell me this doesn’t just happen to me?) and I was interested to try the NYX HD. It seemed like such a basic foundation, similar to a tinted moisturiser almost, which is why I was so drawn to it as I wanted something easy to apply that wasn’t too heavy or matte. I love how light weight this foundation is and one thin layer gives surprisingly good coverage which is perfect for the days where I’m in a bit of a rush and don’t have as much time. The thing I love most about this is using it with my Collection 2000 concealer and Pixi Glow Mist; my perfect combination. My skin looks dewy and bright which is a feat considering my skin can get extremely dry during the winter. Winner.


It’s been all about the 80’s for me this month, the fashion, movies (why have I never seen flash dance before?) but above all, the music. Sam has always enjoyed 80’s music and while I have never really given the decade much thought it has now pushed the 20’s to the bottom of the pile and has become my favourite new era. Here are some of the 80’s songs I’ve been loving over this month, most of them getting me through some pretty gruelling hours in the library.

Hope you all enjoyed this months favourites and are looking forward to a lot of Christmas themed posts from here on out. If there is anything specific you’d want me to write about feel free to leave a comment down below because more often than not I get stuck for ideas and will end up writing a 5 page post about how much the 80’s has inspired me to wear shoulder pads and leg warmers.


*photos by yours truly


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