November in Photos

This morning I woke to my brother screaming across the hallway to my mum about apple juice, was slightly taken a back as to how’d I got back into my old room, before remembering my impromptu visit home for a party with family members I haven’t seen in years. I reached for my phone and groaned when I noticed the single digit number on my screen, put my head under my pillow and attempted to go back to sleep. As always, the biggest joy of coming home is the inability to have a lie in. The irony is that my mum had asked me the night before whether I wanted to be left in bed in the morning, to which I half jokingly replied that she would most likely wake me up whether she meant to or not. Regardless it felt nice to wake up in my old bed, my cat curled up on the pillow next to me, pawing at my face in an attempt to let me know she’s still just as hungry as she was at 12:30am. Greedy shit.

As we all expected, I’ve already missed two blogpost, due to said ‘last minute trip home’ but I’m back today with a vengeance and an eagerness to tell you all about my month in the form of Instagram posts, enjoy //

Photo 28-10-2016, 14 21 02.jpg

Photo 03-12-2016, 12 09 40.jpg


Photo 28-10-2016, 14 19 09.jpg

Photo 04-12-2016, 20 59 03.jpg


Photo 08-11-2016, 15 45 42 (1).jpg


Photo 11-11-2016, 12 26 31.jpg

Photo 04-12-2016, 21 37 49.jpg


Photo 04-12-2016, 21 56 42.jpg

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Photo 18-11-2016, 14 10 00.jpg

Photo 18-11-2016, 14 01 08.jpg

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Photo 04-12-2016, 23 54 28.jpg


Photo 28-10-2016, 14 13 00.jpg

Photo 27-11-2016, 14 20 19.jpg


I hope you all enjoyed this post – make sure you follow me on Instagram to keep up to date on everything that goes on over there @gracea_xo



*All pictures are taken by me or Sam*


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