Everyday Winter Makeup

Throughout the years I have tried countless combinations of makeup products, skin care products and techniques to keep me skin has hydrated and dewy as possible during the winter months. For today’s post I wanted to share my current everyday makeup look, in which I have finally achieved my ultimate dewy finish, and have been wearing pretty much everyday this season. Enjoy //



Starting with a clean face and hands, I add some moisture to my skin with my current day cream (No7 Essential Moisture) before moving onto priming. I massage Nivea’s Cellular serum into my skin and slightly down my neck, a step that has become crucial for over the past few weeks. This serum keeps my skin so hydrated and allows the makeup to apply to my face smoothly and evenly. I allow the moisturiser and serum to settle into my skin for a couple of minutes before spritzing my face with Pixi glow mist, another product that is officially in my makeup routine for life. I featured the glow mist in my October favourites if you want to read more about why I adore it so much!


Using Barry M’s brow kit I fill in my brows, keeping most of the product to the arch and tail, and the front slightly bare. I use a spoolie to brush the product through evenly, adding more product where needed. To clean up and define the brows I use a small amount of my concealer and a small detailed brush to line the lower brow line, starting with the tip of the brush and very small strokes at the front, then tapering the line out with the flat side of the brush and longer sweeping motions for the tail. I repeat the same step on the top of my brow and blend the concealer with a damp beauty blender.


I begin my eyes by priming them with my favourite Urban Decay primer potion and then move onto eyeshadows, using the Urban Decay ultimate basics palette. I am usually partial to quite a heavy eye, but over the past couple of months I have found myself sticking to the easiest eye look. If I don’t leave the lids completely bare, I pack the colour ‘commando’ onto a flat dense brush and using a patting motion, apply it all over my lids. To add slight definition to my crease I continue by applying the colour ‘tempted’ using a fluffy blending brush and a light hand. I then take ‘blow’ on the brush in the palette and apply it onto my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye. I repeat these steps onto the bottom lid, buffing ‘commando’ under the entire eye. I pack ‘tempted’ on the outer third and bring ‘blow’ into the the inner third, blending the two together in the centre. For this look I’ve enjoyed leaving liner out of the routine to make my eyes appear bigger and more open.

Photo 07-12-2016, 10 51 59.jpg


I begin the base by warming the NYX HD studio foundation on the back of my hand with clean fingers. I then apply it starting at the centre of my face and working my way outwards. I blend the product in with a damp beauty blender and move on to concealing my under eye with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I then set the base with a loose powder and a large fluffy brush.

For contour I take the shade ‘mudhoney’ from the Soap & Glory What’s Nude palette (discontinued) and sweep it into the hollows of my cheeks using the Real Techniques contour brush focusing most of the product closer to the hairline. I also lightly place the product on the jawline, along the hairline of the forehead and down either side of the nose, making sure to blend everything in smoothly. Ever since buying it in October my go to blush has the been from the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Goddess. With a light hand I take the dusted pink shade on the bottom row and apply it just above the contour, extended the product to the apples of my cheeks.

Photo 07-12-2016, 11 30 34.jpg

Highlight, unsurprisingly, is key to creating a dewy finish and people are definitely not afraid to go crazy with this step at the minute, me included. My favourite highlighter is the pink shimmer highlight from MUA which I picked up at Superdrug for £3. THREE POUND. Seriously, I rave about this highlight to anyone who’ll listen, mostly Sam who has to endure it every time I do my makeup. It gives off an iridescent glow visible to the gods and yet can also be blended in for a more subtle shine. I refuse to use any other highlight, because lets be honest for £3 I am not gonna get a better glow for a better price. To apply I take a small fluffy brush and pick up a generous amount from the pan. As mentioned in some of the reviews, there is a slight film over the top of the product which may prevent a lot of the pigment from coming through. I didn’t notice it too much, but if you’re struggling to get a decent colour pay off I would suggest working your brush into the product quite vigorously to begin with until this stops. I use dabbing motions to apply it to the high points of my face, cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow, chin and a small amount on the forehead. If it needs blending out I use a small fan brush to sweep away any excess product. At this point my skin looks bright and highlighted but not particularly hydrated. To melt and blend all the products together and create that dewy look I go back to the pixi glow mist and give my face a generous spritz. I have used the glow mist with every one of my foundations but combining it with the NYX foundation and Collection concealer has been my favourite mix so far. After the glow mist has settled into the face it leaves all the products blended together seamlessly and prevents me from feeling as though I have 5 pounds worth of makeup sitting on my skin. The highlight I had applied earlier no longer looks just like highlight, but like my actual skin, my gorgeous, dewy, hydrated skin.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset


To finish I add mascara and my current favourite lip colour; NYX Lip Lingerie in ’embellishment’. I prefer to add these after the glow mist to prevent them from getting wet and transferring, something I learned the hard way trust me. This look is so simple and easy to do and most of the eyeshadow shades can be found in drugstore palettes if you’re on a budget. Rock this glow during the winter and you’ll be a shining beacon among the dull skies and grey backdrops.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, it was supposed to go up before Christmas but a busy personal life and uni schedule definitely made it difficult to blog over the festive season. Technically winter doesn’t end until March so it’s still very relevant and I’ll most definitely be wearing this look for a couple more months.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset




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