If any of you lovely lot follow me on Instagram you may have seen my impromptu Missguided haul on my story featuring a couple of the pieces in this post. I have never been one for online shopping; the process of getting ready to go into town, trying clothes on and hauling myself home attached to too many bags has always been one of my favourite past times. Since arriving at uni, however, the excitement now lies in scrolling through pages of items from the comfort of my own bed, pjs on, no make up and crappy tv distracting me from across the room. The anticipation of opening a delivery to see my purchases in person is abundantly more pleasing than raking through rails upon rails of clothes in a shop bustling with other people. I am able to try things on in my own home, in my own time, without the need to stumble about in a shoe box dressing room. Queueing for half an hour to try on 10 items I know for a fact won’t be making it to the till with me now seems…fussy?

For today’s post I wanted to incorporate a couple of my new items, this unbelievably comfy oversized t-shirt and stunning necklace piece. This look is perfect for three day hair and a post night out 9am lecture as it requires very little thought, time or effort. Throwing on an oversized t-shirt and scraping your hair into a bun is the ultimate way to keep yourself comfy, yet maintaining the facade that you have your shit together. Enjoy //


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



Photo 07-02-2017, 15 03 57.jpg


Photo 07-02-2017, 15 19 53.jpg

Photo 07-02-2017, 15 07 10.jpg



Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Photo 07-02-2017, 15 18 53.jpg




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