Frames and Shades X Warby Parker



Spring is an underrated season. Autumn is my one true love, Winter means Christmas and Summer is the season of socialising in the soft heat of the evening. Spring however, holds something different entirely. After New Year resolutions have been made and broken and the sad months of January and February fall behind us, Spring brings about the sense of a new beginning. The sky begins to brighten and the reemergence of the sun drowns the gloom of winter in rays of light. With this change of season adding bright and quirky pieces to your wardrobe can really help to drag you out of the winter blues while adding some personality to your outfits. You can do this buy investing in that crazy pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing up since before Christmas, or wearing a new colour, one you have always dreamt of pulling off, but never having the guts to try. Even if you want to add something to an outfit but don’t want to go all out, switching up something smaller, such as a pair of glasses is the perfect way to go. Warby Parkers new Spring collection, Metal Moment, is the perfect way to add that little something to your frames.

Warby Parker is an American brand of prescription eyewear who’s company ethos is something that seriously resonates with me. Their objective is to sell designer glasses that everyone can afford while keeping the designs chic and on trend. They have collaborated with online influencers such as Tyler Oakley and model Karlie Kloss, among many, and have recently partnered up with the CEO of the #girlgazeproject, Amanda de Cadenet. The Girl Gaze project aims to close gender gaps within the photography industry and help create opportunities for female creatives. Being such a massive advocate for female empowerment, knowing that I am spending my money on a brand involved so enthusiastically  with such a project is both inspiring and uplifting. If this wasn’t reason enough to love this brand, they have also teamed up with non profit organisations such as VisionSpring to help give glasses to those who require them but cannot afford them. For every pair  of their glasses sold, Warby Parker distribute another pair to someone in need and have so far sent out over 2 million pairs. All the information about this amazing project can be found on their website here.


The SS17 runways were adorned with glittering spectacles. Decorated with embellished rims, designers from Gucci to Dolce & Gabbana showed off their larger than life, exaggerated pieces fit for the catwalk. Warby Parker’s take on this trend is just as stunning, but at a more accessible and wearable level. Switching out the sparkling studs for sleek, lightweight metal means you can sport these fabulous frames everyday to give you a lease of life this spring. Here are just a few of my favourite frames from the collection, enjoy //


To browse the Warby Parker range you can find them online here and on Instagram at @warbyparker. They have such an amazing selection of both glasses and eyeglasses for the Spring collection as well as preexisting styles and so I know theres bound to be something for everyone to fall in love with.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and it has you as excited for the springtime sun as I am. I would like to say a huge thank you to Warby Parker for collaborating with me on this post and to all you lot lovely for reading.




*this is not a paid for advertisement



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