My 5 Must Have Products for Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is everywhere. Intense highlight, strobing and illuminators have made their way into pretty much everyones makeup routines in order to achieve the over the top glow that is so perfect for the spring and summer months. For this post I wanted to give you all a little insight into my makeup bag with my 5 ‘go-to’ products for my ultimate glow, 4 of which are under £10!! Enjoy //



I hadn’t actually heard about this Post Shave Balm craze until a couple of months ago and so I feel very late to this trend, around 2 years late. This balm has been tried and tested by anyone on the hunt for a decent primer and has also been named, by some, as the world’s greatest primer. While I agree it makes a pretty decent primer, and the longevity of my makeup has improved since I started using it, the effect it has on my skins moisture is what makes me keep going back to buy more. As its intended purpose is for a ‘post shave’ scenario, it is incredibly hydrating, leaving my skin dewy to such a point that the glow shines through my base makeup like a call from the gods. I apply a small amount to my skin just before applying my makeup and it helps the rest of my makeup effortlessly dewy. You can pick this up from pretty much any drugstore or supermarket for around £4.



I raved about Makeup Academy’s highlighters in a previous blogpost but I recently picked up this new shade in ‘iridescent gold’ and have fallen even more in love. The pigment is incredible for the £3 you’re spending and can be applied sparingly for a soft natural glow or built up for something more intense. Out of every highlight I’ve tried, including a rather pricey Anastasia Beverly Hills one, this is my ride or die.


There isn’t much more I can say about Pixi Glow Mist, I write about it in almost every makeup focused post but if you’re looking for a product to give you a glow this is it. I mean, it’s in the name. I spritz this sucker after the Nivea balm and once more just before I apply my mascara and lipstick. It melts all the products together and prevents your skin from looking too powdery. Perfect for a dewy look and pairs incredibly with the MUA highlighters. The downside, it’s the most expensive of the lot at £16, but totally worth it!



I usually just stick to lip products when it comes to NYX products, not sure why, but I have quite the collection building up and I never felt the need to branch into any of their other ranges. That was, until, I tried out the NYX HD foundation which I immediately became a fan of. I soon decided to try some of their other skin products like the liquid illuminators. I tried applying this straight to the high points of my face with a damp beauty blender but found that it didn’t blend very well and created a splodge of greyish pink where my illuminating highlight should have been. Soon I gave up and threw this to the back of my draw where it stayed for a few weeks. Eventually I grew sick of it sitting there unused so decided to give it another go before deciding whether to throw it or not. This time I added a small amount into my foundation on the back of my hand, mixed it and applied with a damp beauty blender to my entire face for an overall glow. It worked so well I haven’t skipped this step in my makeup routine since and regularly reach for this product to achieve a dewy finish. It is a very subtle effect and I’m sure there are plenty of other products out there that can achieve better results. However, if you’re on a budget this guy has you covered as it’s only £7.



Another gem from NYX is the dewy finish setting spray, again for only £7. This works similar to the Pixi glow mist but sets the makeup while creating a hydrated finish. I don’t find this step a necessity for the everyday as all of the previous products usually give me enough of a glow, but if I want to go that extra mile, such as for an event or night out I always use this spray. It applies like a mist so sits really well on top of the makeup whilst feeling refreshing and hydrating. This is the perfect way to end your makeup look with a glow and keeps your makeup from budging throughout the day or night.

Thank you all for reading, let me know in the comments your must have products to achieve that glow!


*all photos taken by yours truly


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