For the Love of Co-ord | Part I


Determined to find a nice spot to take some pictures, Sam and I set off on a very long walk down the canal. The further we moved away from the heaving city centre the calmer the streets became and the nicer the surroundings. The water was lined with tall industrial buildings, converted into flats that cost far too much or happy little restaurants, balconies jutting out, teetering only feet away from the canal below. It felt like a summer day, the sun beating down on our backs, warming our smiles. We soon found an open courtyard baking in the sun. One side, dripping in opulence, was decorated with white brick and tall important looking buildings, all glass. The wall opposite was half boarded and animated with graffiti, the over the top, vivid and in your face graffiti that juxtaposed the buildings opposite with an unmissable sense of mischief. I stood in front of the wall, face lifted towards the warm sky, while Sam clicked away and I suddenly realised how much I had missed the sun. My desperation for uni to end and summer to begin washed over me and my motivated mind set, the one encouraging me to finish my uni assignments, slipped from my fingers as I fell into a sunny daydream.

We headed back towards the busy streets that wound through the city centre, carrying with them a mass of irritated shoppers and we were swept up in the hustle and bustle of city life once more. The pretty cobbled streets fell away in a matter of minutes and left in their wake slabs of concrete decorated with old gum and cigarettes. The sound of the canal lapping against brick was replaced with screaming children and aggressive traffic. My newly relaxed state of mind screeched to a halt and I was quickly reminded of why I hate Leeds during the summer.


I am obsessed with co-ord sets. I’ve spoke about my love for multi- functional pieces of clothing before, items that can be transformed, swapped and changed, creating so many different looks with just a couple of items; and this striped two piece is no exception. For this post I wanted to show how I style an outfit incorporating both the cropped tee and culotte trousers together and have scheduled two other posts styling either piece on it’s own, enjoy //

black and white.jpg

I love how striking this set is on it’s own and so I kept the rest of the look very minimal. I added my Dr Marten Masha’s for a pop of colour at my feet as well as an intense pink/red eye. Hoop earrings are an absolute staple in my jewellery collection so I added those for some detail around the face. If it was colder I would have thrown on my denim jacket for good measure, continuing the slouchy and comfortable vibe this co-ord set seems to ooze, but the weather was surprisingly warm and so I went the full day jacket free!!







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